Word on Fire - ENGAGE

The purpose of this page is to introduce you to a new Bishop Barron's Word on Fire program called ENGAGE.

We are starting this program for everyone in the parish by first asking everyone how you would like to receive information from the parish office.  Those who attended Mass this past weekend were asked to fill out a contact information sheet that was in the pews.  The following was in the bulletin:

We are asking for this contact information because we are setting up the new Lenten Study for the entire parish.  This is setup as an introduction to the ENGAGE program.  If the parish has your email or text number, you will receive an email or text each week with a video and a link to click on and you will be connected.  For the Lenten Study, no login will be required.

Make sure the parish has your email or text number so information will make its way to you automatically.  

Here is the Lenten Study information that was in this past weekend bulletin:

To learn more about the entire ENGAGE program, browse around on the website by going to “engage.wordonfire.org

Once the parish is signed up, everyone in the parish will have access to ALL of Word of Fire/Bishop Barron’s materials like the Catholicism Series, the Pivotal Players, as well as countless mini courses on a variety of subjects, essentially all of the digital content on his website.


ENGAGE runs with a database software package called Flocknote.  The Flocknote package can be used many different ways by our parish.  Learn more by going to "flocknote.com/overview".

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